New BMW M2 2017 Car Review

BMW M2 Car

In the list of sexiest cars in present century BMW M2 will take the top position. This awesomely crafted automobile was debuted in the year 2016 in North American International Auto Expo for the model year 2017. However, in Europe, this car went on sale in 2016.

At the time of launch, this car was credited to the BMW 2 Series. Though this car is still the member of 2 Series, the letter “M” connects it to the flagship of BMW Motor Sport. The BMW M2 is also considered as the successor of 1 – Series M Coupe.

From the engine to the steering wheel, everything in this car is well mounted by Germans. BMW has not just provided revolutionary passenger cars, but its experience with the motor sports is even extraordinary. It has won a number of motor sports competitions through its performance cars. Recently BMW has stepped into the domain of EV and semi-EV (hybrid) cars. The BMW i8 is one of the outstanding cars from the electrical series of BMW.

BMW has carried out a number of marketing campaigns for their latest entry BMW M2. The Television ads for the BMW 2 Series went on-air during the Sochi Olympic Games of 2014. Later in the year 2015, the M2 was franchised in the Need For Speed (2015). The franchising for this EA video game was done at the time of launch of BMW M2.

Well, good marketing is always a part of the successful product. Undoubtedly, BMW M2 tops among the best cars in the world today.

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